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  • Renaissance MCA is produced in state of the art DCS controlled continuous Plant maintaining uniform control parameters thru out the production cycle. Since the plant is continuous Plant, the product is handled in complete closed condition till final packing.

  • Renaissance uses post hydrogenation technology as final stage purification method hence the final product is not only pure but offers stringent impurity profile of Dichloroacetic acid (DCA) content less than 0.01 % (wt/wt) as their guaranteed specification.

  • Renaissance uses all glass lined equipments, PTFE lined piping and exotic metals for other critical equipments resulting into their capacity to offer their MCA which is free from heavy metal contamination.

  • Since the plant is fully automatic with DCS controlled system all the parameters of the process controlled are automatically stored minimizing chances of human errors and offers ultimate traceability of the product.

  • As the plant is operated in a completely closed loop up to final packaging, the material has no exposure to any human, leaving organism or ambient conditions. This makes the final product best suitability for Pharma use or critical application.